Leon Jackman Feat. Dirty Chan, Mad Lion & Tracy
Leon Jackman
Producer: Leon Jackman
Number of discs: 1

Copyright: 2016 LEON JACKMAN


Produced By :Leon Jackman

Mixing & Master By : Leon Jackman



yeah / put your hands up / and follow my lead / i am from da 广州,yea now boy you heard my  / i am from da south side, come and visit me my baby. / yeah i walking down da street , do da magical hit / man i see glory around my, need some medical test / eyes started see vision , heart beat jumping / i ain’t wanna wake ,  cause my body on flowing / get double G, double O P, bitches better get in my car / come playing with me  / poping da bottle like it all free, order a dozen / watering da wrine, sell it 500 for dollars, / i still hustle like i do, like the old day ain’t change  / everybody like it, alcohol confuse in ya brain / check yourself fellas, still watching fucking TV / entertainment list only one thing AV / fuck it, you gon never be me / when i top on da mountain, ya ain’t gon be able see me 


if i come show you / i hold in my hand / show no love my game / see what im talking / if i come show / no love / no lie / no hope / no game / no MAN / no bank / no chance


Yo fella we got something dope shit试到 is your pleasure / 你啲歌卖喺C-Store有drum bass但冇snare / Remember 你仲未够格做my crew嘅member / 你起身之前记得who over you Dirty Chan uh / Chi gi chi gi chi gi chi gi chi gi 你想做第二个Jigga / Listen 你除咗识得讲peace就剩係识得踎低piss uh / You so 潮o靓 用寒假打工嘅钱买对潮Vans / 拿壁纸做weed锡纸做beat加个美金符号潮name / You know that you wanna roll that 但你摷搵全身发觉原来你剩得翻五毫啧 / 唔好做嗫 你喺度做咩 你过嚟放屁都算但仲够胆问我有冇dope pass / I don’t fuck with you you wanna fuck with who / You so fucking ugly so you wanna fuck with cool / 睇住Keith Ape 食住shit ay you ain’t shit ay / 反正都係鸠up听完就算 It’s DT to the CA


文戊话斋yep from广州now im with homie  / 计我话斋 人生最佳更系fuck 一班bitch / 米以为啊眼界大 实质圈子太狭窄 / SWAG比合格 但DRAP唔入拍 / 唔洗急但一 定要快讲境界 / 慢工出细货 多磨练都要挨 / 人称我摩打脑摩打手摩打口 / 当想法一出黎 即刻完善即刻走 / Rap对我只系意识流跟住意识走废材被激走 / 嘴部加机油做埋最fit噶操机手 / 叻 学得D多台风 台上就乱甘耍武功 / 一 拿起microphone 观众唔系失踪就失心疯 / 你脑袋中未被开封 你脑海等待要开工 / 狮子黎施工 压韵填海 摞你练一下内功 / 练成境界  自成一派 that voice is real shit / 听住经典 受其钦点 造佛山一绝


check yourself fellas / we gon do fellas / don’t move fellas / is 文戊 fellas / dirty chan is here / 狮子 is here / check your cellphone  / can you see our call fellas