That Shit

Leon Jackman
Leon Jackman
Producer: Leon Jackman
Number of discs: 1

Copyright: 2016 LEON JACKMAN

Produced By :Leon Jackman

Mixing & Master By : Leon Jackman


Isn’t shit thing all I do / I did nothing / I seen fucking slow motion / i did nothing / I make a wish bitch / i did nothing / But seen fuckin slow motion / i did nothing / to be honest you guys sucks  / that Shawty can’t wait that / im get my hole back / you should be fast head / you should be quicker fellas / i should be blowing whore / i bring another whore / see where the fuck else you can go? / i say ya move you motherfucker move ya ass do, not in here / i set the whole shit correct , do shit no negate / i do no negate, shit just working down in hood / i pray it all time, you just work it by the book / you know Im thinking every time get mind up when I solo / For the fuckin worst talk, all that bullshit yeah just no go / From this side to side chinks slow, ain’t did it one night  / you ain’t get it, i get it , i wave my ambition has? /  I ain’t gonna wast my time man im in busy / she doesn’t look so good, man i ain’t crazy  / I don’t bullshit, I don’t take it, if that shit don’t work it / call me hurry, im in hurry money making.  / i get it all under control , bitch like work under the cover / if you get you out line, Hypnotic get you out mind / Now We ain’t talk about how slow we could make it / Na , I could make it . Cause Shit ain’t none of your business  / efficiency yeah work like emergency / now we could see da different between you chinks and me / I moving slow you moving slow you chinks ain’t  keep up with this / I make it hot, Check my energy, I’m like monster Maserati / I ain’t no lie,I do what I say / time is money hit his shit out cause this shit ain’t no game /  i drop some kush shit let it mix up roll together / i throw bands bitches fuck bitches / ya too slow baby now u came and watching me / S.U double C.E  C.E double S / ya too slow baby now u came and watching me /  motherfucker see me, i don’t fuckin care