No Rest And Peace

Leon Jackman
Leon Jackman
Producer: Leon Jackman

CopyRights: 2018 LEON JACKMAN

Produced By :Leon Jackman

Mixing & Master By : Leon Jackman


After a long period of creation and production, Leon Jackman finally brought his first non-single studio album. The album “WHAT I’M DOIN”, which was planned for 2015, eventually changed its name AND created “NO REST AND PEACE”. Due to the pressure of life, the creation and production process is off and on. In order to pursue higher quality, he has changed 4 female vocals for one song and changed it more than 100 times. Finally, the album is now heard.

經過了漫長的創作與製作期,文戊終於帶來了他的第一張非單曲錄音室專輯。早在2015年已經計劃的專輯《WHAT I’M DOIN’》最終改名並創作爲《NO REST AND PEACE》。由於生活壓力所迫,創作和製作過程斷斷續續,爲了追求更高的質量,他曾爲1首歌更換了4個女聲主唱,並修改過不下100次。最終爲大家呈現了現在所聽到的這張專輯。


2.Chink Feat. Tracy

3.Talk To Much Do Less


5.No Rest And Peace Feat. Sesame

6.Way Out Feat. Sesame


8.No Rest And Peace(Piano Version) Feat. Sesame