Support Email: suppotr@leonjackman.com


Q: Where I can found my order music download link?

A: You can Check your Email(maybe in the trash), we will send you an Email after your shopping. There’s a link you can find inside to let you download the music you bought.

Also, you can check your order page in Leon Jackman Site. you can find the download link on your order page too.

We will send you the download link in 24 hours after your shopping.


Q: Why I haven’t received the order Email.

A: You can check your Email trash box, or in the other tag. If you still can’t found it, Please contact our support

Email: suppotr@leonjackman.com


Q: Can the item shipping to worldwide?

A: Sorry, we are now only support shipping in china. worldwide shopping support will coming soon.


Q: What if the product I bought is damaged?

A: Please sign the acceptance of the goods open and then sign, if the shipment is damaged during the delivery, do not sign. If the product has quality problems, please contact support email:Support@leonjackman.com

 支持邮箱: suppotr@leonjackman.com


Q: 我在哪裏可以找到我購買產品的下載鏈接?





Q: 爲什麼我沒有收到訂單郵件.

A: 您可以查看您的垃圾郵件, 或者其他標籤裏. 如果您還是沒有找到,請聯繫我們的支持郵箱

Email: suppotr@leonjackman.com


Q: 購買的產品能快遞到國際嗎?

A: 對不起,我們目前只支持在中國國內運輸。


Q: 我购买的产品在损坏了,怎么办?

A: 请在签收的时候拆开验收货物完好再签收,如快件在快递途中损坏,请勿签收。如产品有质量问题,请联系支持邮箱:Support@leonjackman.com